May 30, 2022 to June 1, 2022
Soria Moria Hotel
Europe/Oslo timezone


REGISTRATION TO NEIC2022 HAS CLOSED. If you have not registered for the conference but think it would be beneficial for you, please contact the Conference manager.

Conference packages

We offer alternatives for registering to the event. You can choose the full conference package and have the accommodation and social activities arranged for you, or pop in for one day only either with or without attending the conference dinner. Below is a full description of the registration alternatives including the prices.
If you are NeIC personnel, member of the NeIC Board or contact person of a NeIC Affiliate, your participation costs are covered by NeIC. Please discuss with your team leader before registering. 
Full package
The full package contains accommodation in Soria Moria for two nights (Mon–Wed), all programme sessions and lunches as well as participation to the conference dinner on Monday and the activities and dinner on Tuesday. 
Price: 4000 NOK (Early bird price 3500 NOK, available until the end of 16 January)
One-day attendance
The one-day attendance alternative contains the programme sessions and lunch during one day of your choosing. No accommodation is included.
Price: 1500 NOK
One-day attendance + conference dinner
The one-day attendance alternative contains the programme sessions and lunch during one day of your choosing as well as the conference dinner on Monday. No accommodation is included.
Price: 2000 NOK

Conference speakers

All conference speakers are invited to register to the conference free of charge. Please pick the category 'Conference speaker' when registering. 

Conference organisers

Members of the Programme committee are invited to register to the conference free of charge. Please pick the category 'Programme committee' when registering. 

NeIC personnel

If you are working in a NeIC project or activity, member of the XT, NeIC Board or Provider Forum, or Coordinator for a NeIC Affiliate, you can register to the conference free of charge. Project team members need to get a confirmation from their team leaders before registering to the conference. Please pick the category 'NeIC staff' while registering.