Heilsa Project Meeting



Abdulrahman Azab Mohamed (University of Oslo), Johan Viklund (NBIS, SE), Lene Krøl Andersen (DeiC), Stefan Negru (CSC)

Welcome to the Final Heilsa All Hands Meeting

This is an opportunity to look what the project has achieved so far and beyond, with different opportunities to continue the work. At the same time we use this opportunitty to reflect on our achievements, and get to know how we can continue the collaboration!


3 Jun 12:00 - 4 Jun 12:00


Please register before May 8.


Venue Day 1:

On-site Adress: DTU, Produktionstorvet, Building 426, 1. Floor, Room 117, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby (https://www.dtu.dk/om-dtu/kontakt-og-besoeg/find-vej/dtu-lyngby-campus)

On-line Adress: https://dtudk.zoom.us/my/computerome  (Meeting ID: 350 287 9120)


Venue Day 2:

DTU Risø Campus (https://www.dtu.dk/om-dtu/kontakt-og-besoeg/find-vej/dtu_risoe_campus)

Adress: DTU Risø Campus, Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde

Hotel Recommendations near DTU Lyngby Campus

Zleep Hotel Lyngby is within walking distance to the venue

Hotel Fortunen is an older small hotel located next to a large forest (30 minutes walking distance to venue)


As in any NeIC project meeting, the travel costs should first be reimbursed by the personnels' home institutions and then invoiced from NeIC.

Economy class tickets and regular-priced accommodation,

If you have any questions about invoices, please contact Vilma at the NeIC office at vihakkinen@gmail.com

  • Abdulrahman Azab Mohamed
  • Dimitris Bampalikis
  • Johan Viklund
  • Kjell Petersen
  • Lene Krøl Andersen
  • Panos Chatzopoulos
  • Parisa Tejari
  • Yasin Miran
  • +10

Minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1euyD-Rw422Cra172TgJa_BlwAkEdlRu-/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117095049849694613185&rtpof=true&sd=true

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    • 12:00 PM 1:00 PM
      Danish Smørrebrøds Lunch: at Computerome's premises in Lyngby

      DTU, Computerome
      Build 426, 1st floor

    • 1:00 PM 1:20 PM
      Welcome to Computerome 20m
      Speaker: Mr Søren Jensen (Computerome)
    • 1:20 PM 1:40 PM
      Future Directions for Nordic E-Infrastructure Collaboration 20m
      Speaker: Gudmund Høst (NeIC)
    • 1:40 PM 2:00 PM
      Heilsa overview 20m
      Speaker: Abdulrahman Azab Mohamed (University of Oslo)
    • 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
      Synthetic data & the Heilsa Sandbox (WP2) 30m
      • WP2 overall activities (Lene)
      • Synthetic data w/ complementary phenotypes (Ulvi)
      • The Heilsa Sandbox (Jesper)
    • 2:30 PM 3:00 PM
      Coffee Break 30m
    • 3:00 PM 3:30 PM
      WP1: From Heilsa & GDI developments to FEGA operations & analysis in the Nordics 30m

      Round Table Discussion
      Experiences in setting up national federated EGA nodes (SE, NO, FI, EE) (Johan)
      User experiences from the Nordic FEGA nodes (Johan)

      Speakers: Abdulrahman Azab Mohamed (University of Oslo), Gudmund Høst (NeIC), Johan Viklund (NBIS, SE), Mrs Lene Krøl Andersen (Computerome)
    • 3:30 PM 4:15 PM
      WP1: Nordic Sensitive Data Communities and Networks 45m


      • Relevance of the NordForsk Call for proposals for Nordic Research Networks in Preparedness and Resilience: Nordic Baltic Sensitive Data Forum, NeIC Expert Network for Nordic & EU Collaboration (NENEC) (Abdulrahman)
      • Continuation of the Heilsa FEGA activities, e.g. maintaining the FEGA NeIC Repos with in-kind contributions from the partners: NeIC Affiliate program? (Abdulrahman)
      • Increasing Nordic influence on federated EGA Europe roadmap and other relevant roadmaps (M1.6.a)
      Speakers: Abdulrahman Azab Mohamed (University of Oslo), Gudmund Høst (NeIC), Johan Viklund (NBIS, SE), Mrs Lene Krøl Andersen (Computerome)
    • 4:15 PM 4:25 PM
      Closing remarks (day 1) & practicals 10m
    • 5:00 PM 7:00 PM
      Heilsa Celebration Dinner: Restaurant Hanzō Lyngby Hanzō Lyngby

      Hanzō Lyngby

      Hanzō Lyngby, Toftebæksvej 1, 2800 Kongens Lyngby (We will walk together from Computerome to the restaurant Hanzo, approx 1km)
    • 8:30 AM 9:30 AM
      On the Move to: Risø, Building 116, Room:RS13/VIPkantine: Taxi Pick up at 8:30, by the Zleep Hotel (Lundtoftegårdsvej 12, 2800 Kongens Lyngby)

      Lene Tel: +45 41190910

    • 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
      DK Directions for Sensitive Data Infrastructure Collaborations 30m
      Speaker: Mr Jakob Bech Petersen (DeiC)
    • 10:00 AM 11:20 AM
      Presentation & Guided tour at the inside of Computerome facilities 1h 20m

      Presenter: Steen Pedersen

      Speaker: Steen Pedersen (Computerome)
    • 11:20 AM 11:30 AM
      Closing remarks 10m
      Speaker: Gudmund Høst (NeIC)
    • 11:30 AM 12:30 PM
      Lunch 1h
    • 12:35 PM 1:00 PM
      On the Move to: Risø, Building 116, Room:RS13/VIPkantine: Transportation to Roskilde train station

      Lene Tel: +45 41190910