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FAIRification STEP 2 – FAIR principle F3

Europe/Copenhagen (Online)



EOSC-Nordic WP4 invites and encourages repositories to sign-up for this FAIRification webinar. The focus of the meeting will be to address FAIR principle F3, ensuring that metadata contains the identifier of the data it identifies. This is an important requirement to enable machine-actionable discoverability of data. 

    • 1
      Welcome and Introduction
      Speaker: Mr Bert Meerman (GFF)
    • 2
      FAIR assessment results
      Speaker: Dr Andreas Jaunsen (NeIC)
    • 3
      Relevance and Importance of splitting META-DATA from DATA
      Speaker: Dr Erik Schultes (GO-FAIR)
    • 10:55 AM
    • 4
      Some recommendations for the practical, machine-friendly implementation of the FAIR F3 principle
      Speaker: Dr Robert Huber (Univ of Bremen)
    • 5
      File level identification support in Dataverse/DataverseNO
      Speaker: Mr Philipp Conzett (UiT / The Artic University of Norway)
    • 6
      Q & A
      Speaker: Mrs Josefine Nordling (CSC)
    • 7
      Call to Action and Close
      Speaker: Mr Bert Meerman (GFF)