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EOSC-Nordic (WP4): FAIR Certification webinar – community support opportunity


Birger Jerlehag (SND), Josefine Nordling (CSC), Mari Kleemola (TUNI/FSD), Tuomas Alatera (TUNI/FSD)

This invitational webinar is arranged by EOSC-Nordic WP4. It is intended to serve as an introduction to various ways of enabling Trust by adhering to best practices and standards such as CoreTrustSeal certification, Persistent Identifiers, OAIS and the FAIR Principles.

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an infrastructure that promotes open science. EOSC-Nordic is a project that aims to promote EOSC-relevant goals in the Nordic and Baltic region.

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Webinar recording will be made available for participants on Monday, September 7.

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    • 1:00 PM 1:05 PM
      Welcome and introductions 5m
      Speaker: Mrs Josefine Nordling
    • 1:05 PM 1:15 PM
      EOSC and the EOSC-Nordic project 10m
      Speaker: Mr Andreas Jaunsen (NeIC/Nordforsk)
    • 1:15 PM 1:35 PM
      FAIR Certification 20m
      Speaker: Ms Mari Kleemola (FSD)
    • 1:35 PM 1:50 PM
      EOSC-Nordic certification support 15m
      Speaker: Mr Birger Jerlehag (SND)
    • 1:50 PM 2:05 PM
      Lessons learned from certification 15m
      Speaker: Mr Trond Kvamme (NSD)
    • 2:05 PM 2:15 PM
      Break 10m
    • 2:15 PM 3:00 PM
      Discussions and questions 45m

      The floor is open for questions and discussion. Speakers and EOSC-Nordic WP4.2 team are available to answer the questions.