Constitutional meeting



Anne Fouilloux (University of Oslo, Norway), Michaela Barth (NeIC, KTH)

Live minutes:


  • Welcome
  • Approval of the agenda
  • NeIC announcements
  • Approving ToR (Decision)
  • Presenting CA (Information)
  • Open Canvas, staffing and project planning (Discussion)
  • Decision project start (Decision)
  • Tieto Project model (Information)
  • DecisionPoint checklist
  • Next meeting
  • AOB

Constituting SG meeting for NICEST2 on 20-05-15



  • Welcome and presence

  • Approval of the agenda

  • NeIC announcements

  • Approving ToR (Decision)

  • Presenting CA (Information)

  • Open Canvas, staffing and project planning (Discussion)

  • Decision project start (Decision)

  • Tieto project model (Information)

  • DecisionPoint checklist

  • Next meeting

  • AOB


Welcome and presence


Alok Kumar Gupta, Norway

Anne Claire Fouilloux, Secretary 

Hamish Struthers, Sweden 

Michaela Barth, NeIC, Chair

Risto Makkonen, Finland


Presence: Anne Claire, Michaela, Risto, Hamish, Alok

Quorum: see § 3.6 in Collaboration Agreement

Decision: We have quorum.


Approval of the Agenda


Provisional agenda was sent out on April 21st, the date was set on May 5th. First version of the Collaboration Agreement was sent out on April 9th, updated version on May 5th.

Sent out in time: compare § 3.5 in Collaboration Agreement.


Decision: The agenda is approved.


NeIC announcements


  • 5 mins about NeIC in general (see attached to indico meeting)

  • Covid-19 extra call 

    • Allocated funding volume: 2 MNOK

    • 1 Application received

  • Article on about NICEST2 in preparation

    • Anne-Claire can circulate draft for input.

  • Future long-term funding expressions of Interest

    • As discussed in a separate meeting this morning.

  • Project manager received a two-hour introduction into the NeIC model and regular (weekly) meetings with the project owner have been in place since the beginning of April.

  • So far in the project:

AP Anne to circulate NICEST2 newsitem draft to the SG


Approving ToR (Decision)

The suggested Terms of Reference for this Steering Group are the Terms of Reference as in Appendix 4 of the Collaboration Agreement.


The SG went through the ToR.



Why is DK not represented? DMI is only a supporting partner. DMI to represent DK could be invited as a standing observer.


The project manager plans for improved dissemination also outside the consortium.


Send out emails with the Steering Group minutes to all consortium partners once they are approved. The PM will provide a summary in compact form on blog and esm-nordic mailing list.


AP Anne to invite DMI in the future as standing observer to the SG.


Decision: The Terms of Reference are approved.


Presenting CA (Information)

Michaela as project owner representative presented the Collaboration Agreement.

Status signatures: NordForsk has not signed yet, all other parties have formally signed, NSC still an old version, though, but promised to also sign the new version.


Open Canvas, staffing and project planning (Discussion)

Open Canvas:

  • Good way to discuss disseminate the key aspects of the project

  • Online training material is a very good idea showing leadership given the current covid-19 situation

  • External experts for FAIR needed? Sync with WP4 EOSC-Nordic.

    • Target next data stewardship course in October, ties well together with D3.3

    • Who have we already collaborated with in the past: list those people


Project website set up at: 


Latest project plan draft: 

The project manager presented the project plan draft.



  • Theoretical concerns: Bad experience with too small contributions to the project by the partners; for maximizing Nordic Added Value (NAV) a reasonably high commitment from the partners is necessary!

    • Suggested: clearly identifiable core group: less than 1/5th of project personnel should work below 0.2

  • Practicalities: Bills can only be sent for the time when we had a service agreement in place: No billing for work done before official project start (on 1st June), and only after the service agreement has been signed.

  • Names, percentages and task descriptions are needed to set up service agreements


Decision project start (Decision)

Decision: If at least 80% of total names are received by the end of the month the project can officially start on June 1st.


Tieto project model (Information)

Tieto Practical Project Steering (with minor adaptations) is the model used within NeIC.

The project manager has already received PPS step1 training.

DecisionPoint checklist 

The SG was introduced to the checklist and went through the points for the constitutional meeting.


Next meeting

We are planning a meeting with the full consortium in autumn. There will be a doodle poll and it will be online. Next steering group meeting after that:

Reserve 27th of November 2020 14:00 - 16:00

AP Anne to send out calendar invites for the next SG meeting.


Taking over a reference group from within NICEST-1? There was no reference group.

There are non-NICEST2 members on esm-nordic mailing list. Reference group could be done light-weight on a survey level.

Purpose of the reference group: Promotion as well as making sure results are useful.

The Steering Group will discuss the reference group again at another meeting.


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