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FAIR data stewardship: Supporting FAIR data interoperability

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Kastruplundgade 22 D-2770 Kastrup Denmark MAP:

FAIR Data is data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable by humans and computers.

Following its strategy to act as a global role model NeIC wants to drive the establishment of FAIR Data Stewardship as a new profession in the Nordic states and Europe.

This 5-day course is a fully fledged training event which will provide the much needed foundational skills for competent data stewards and data managers in the Nordic countries with knowledge of the FAIR principles and their application. The course is sponsored by the Data Management Forum (DeIC) in Denmark and by NeIC.

The course is taught by Dr. Luiz Bonino and Dr. Mark Wilkinson (more on the trainers' background). The content of the "FAIR Data Stewardship & Management training" can be found here.

Participants will receive a GO FAIR Readiness Certificate of Attendance after completing the course.

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Note: This is a subsidised event and interested participants are only charged for a small fraction of the actual cost. Lunch, drinks & snacks and one dinner will be provided for the participants.

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Andreas O Jaunsen