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EDAM-Geo workathon

Hybrid (Bergen, online)

Hybrid (Bergen, online)


This hybrid (in-person, remote) event will take place in Bergen (Norway) and is a follow-up of the hackathon on EDAM-Geo hackathon we organized in May 2022.

We are organising a 3 days workathon to continue the preliminary work we started on the extension of the EDAM ontology for Geosciences.


Background information

EDAM is a simple ontology that has been initially developed for bioscientific data analysis and data management. It is developed and maintained by the community.

Check the video on EDAM ontology by Melissa Black and her poster EDAM: the bioscientific data analysis ontology.

Why EDAM for Geo?

EDAM is an ontology developed and maintained by the community and it is relatively simple. It only focuses on:
- Topic
- Operation
- Data
- Format

The main objective is to extend the EDAM ontology to "describe" topics, operations, data and formats we use in Geosciences (including ecology) in order to improve the FAIRness of our tools (FATES, CLM, NorESM, EC-EARTH, user scripts, ESMValTool, etc.) and workflows (Galaxy, CWL, snakemake, etc.). This is especially important for workflows.


For those online: 

Meeting ID: 673 8110 4332
Passcode: 976636

Documentation on how to use Zoom can be found here:


  • Day-1: Summary of the previous hackathon (for newcomers) and work on EDAM ontology for Geo.
  • Day-2:  EDAM ontology for Geo
  • Day-3: EDAM ontology for Geo
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