NT1 bi-weekly meeting


Meeting slot for discussions, report on some cool technologies, coming changes , follow-up on activities, etc.

 Zoom link

Attendees: jens, maswan, darren, maikenp, petter, oxana, ErikE, krishnaveni, garvin,  chrulle

Absences: salmela,

  • Introduction for this meeting
    • Maybe define a better Timeslot 
  • News:
    • FiitSM still waiting for answer from EGI...
    • Should we try to get other training ?
    • NeIC call: Another meeting tomorrow 
    • Review of NT1: No details for now
  • Propose/Review the list of topics 
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cJTCbW6C25Kbadsu_rmN8J03NEWzoExYAXSQ0q8vSeU
  • Put your name on the topics you would like to participate ;)


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