CodeRefinery Reference Group meeting

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Invited (in alphabetical order):

  • Michaela Barth, NeIC, Chair
  • Radovan Bast, CodeRefinery Project Manager
  • Vigdis Guldseth, NO
  • Joachim Hein, SE
  • Tiina Leiponen, FI
  • Morris Riedel, IS
  • Naoe Tatara, Carpentries Regional Coordinator
  • Birgitte Vedel Thage, DK



  • Welcome and Presence
  • Round the table
  • NeIC announcements
  • Nordic RSE Online gettogether report
  • Benefit realization plan
  • Carpentries membershipNext meeting
  • AOB



  • Michaela
  • Vigdis (until 11:30)
  • Birgitte (until 11:30)
  • Radovan (until 11:33)
  • Naoe
  • Joachim
  • Morris (until 11:04)


Round the table:

  • We are thanking MAtthias Book for his time and work within this group.


NeIC announcements:

  • NeIC Board meeting 10th-11th of December
    • Nordic Added Value
    • Evaluations
    • Long-term funding
  • Open call 2021: ~23 MNOK allowing for 2-3 projects
  • Promotional video on
  • Zenodo
  • Project owner shift upcoming


Nordic RSE online get-together:

  • 100 registrants
  • 70-80 connected at a time
  • Conference: May 27-29, 2021:
  • Online training reaches many more people, allowing to engage many more instructors, no need to travel.
  • Hard to replace coffee breaks and dinners in person. Are backup plans for putting the conference online necessary? CodeRefinery will likely try to postpone in that case.
  • We have discussed good online events experiences: making use of break-out rooms, etc.
  • Opportunity to Collocate/ Synchronize with LUMI and EuroCC events? We are aiming and collocating with Carpentry Connect 2021.


Benefit realization plan:

  • Radovan presented the CodeRefinery Midterm report to the NeIC Board, CodeRefinery will apply to the next open call (with less funding expected from NeIC).
  • Mid-term slides (go to slide 7):
  • French and Dutch participants: cooperation or paid workshops, sustainability: good if they are using our material, but we are not subsidizing them.
  • DK: national competence centre coming, currently DeIC doesn’t have access to the university channels.
  • GDPR and opt-in considerations: NeIC conducting an evaluation comparing Slack, RocketChat and RocketChat. Outcome will be available mid of January.


Carpentries Membership:

  • Benefits: instructor training seats and a number of workshops (6 centrally organized workshops)
  • Decision at last reference group meeting: Setting a deadline for end of February to apply for national centrally organized Carpentries workshops to keep them reserved, otherwise it’s open for who comes first.
  • Suggestion: After this deadline, Naoe would try to organize workshops locally (place will be online), matching with experienced instructors who would like to teach. Local help needed to advertise the seats.
  • Instructor certification doesn’t expire after one year of not teaching.
  • Feedback from SE: Administrative burden of organizing a Carpentries workshop is significant.
  • CodeRefinery can help with that. Naoe has collected and demonstrated experience in setting up workshops.
  • Do national workshops even make sense during online covid-19 times when we want to ensure benefit?
  • (Morris left the meeting.)
  • Local communities or contributing institutes (with local helpers) can be prioritized.
  • There is still the opportunity to have self-organized workshops. But for self-organized workshops we cannot use the Carpentries instructor mailing list to recruit instructors outside from “own” network.
  • Participant numbers for online meetings, depends on instructors (20 still the recommended number, typically 25-30). The guideline is: “Don’t leave anyone behind”
  • Where would a request for a workshop come from until February?
  • What would make an online workshop tailored to a specific community/ local institute: Dissemination priority, reserve seats.
  • To maximize the net benefit we should strive to invite competence we are lacking from our 6 tickets, complement missing expertise and get support for administrative burden.
  • Decision: Let take Naoe charge already now to organize workshops, first self-organized with (local) communities which would have priority, then from the quota. Naoe and Radovan to produce a document with suggestions and wording and once the RG agrees, we clarify these also on the CodeRefinery website.


Next meeting:

  • To be defined by a Doodle poll.


Any other business:

  • None